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An interactive art piece designed and coded by myself with the concept of something being "hidden" or "unseen".


This interactive piece follows the theme of "Unseen" through the magical and intense connection people can have to music.

Many people have deep connections to certain types of music, songs, etc. For some, a song can feel like home to them, or be their safe place, but that is often hard to describe exactly what that feelings is like.

Oct 2020


HTML, CSS, Illustrator

Through illustrations of various types of rooms and settings, this piece dives into visual representations of feelings that people don't usually see from someone when they listen to music.

Listening to music happens through the ear, but the connection to it happens within the mind, which can't be physically seen, thus this piece is an effort to put those emotions into a series of interactive illustrations.

Music is a universal language with no boundaries, and the journey it takes a person through can be a journey of sadness, anger, happiness, contentment, comfort, and an infinite number of emotions. These unseen emotions can often result in physical attributes like dancing, or crying, however, the trip between those interactions cannot be seen in the mind. (1).gif

The illustrations in this piece strives to demonstrate what a simple tune or song can bring out from someone. Music can help people understand and process emotions they may not even know they are feeling, and the interactive aspects in this piece is an effort to embark on that journey to unite those interactions and emotions into one element.

As there are infinite emotions someone can feel from various genres of music, there is a moment in your mind the second your comfort song comes on. A moment where time seems to stop and you feel at peace. (2).gif
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