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Hi! I'm Jasmine :)

I'm a graphic and multidisciplinary designer, currently in my fourth, and final year of pursuing my bachelors of Design at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Some basics about me!

🎨 I'm a Chinese-Canadian designer who loves to design

     on 3 cups of iced coffee.

🎹 I am an avid concert-goer, even if I'm not familiar with

     the artist.  

🎶 I live vicariously through rewatching musicals and "The

     Office" on repeat for the 15th time.  

With an interest in brand identity and visual communication design, I'm inspired by how design can spark conversations and meaningful messages to connect communities and cultures. 

As a Design student, I'm always open and interested in learning new approaches/perspectives to things such as user-centred research methods and tools. 

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